About Us

Fay with her daughters Angie (left) and Charmaine (right)
Fay with her daughters, Angie (left) and Charmaine (right)

Fay’s Miniature World has a wide range of magical unique handmade collectible miniature ornaments, fairies, and scenes made by Fay and her daughters Charmaine and Angie. 

How it started? As a young mom Fay loved the freedom crafting and being self-employed gave her. Even though she had no formal art training she was always creating and making things. Fay experimented with a variety of crafts and materials. In 1978 she found her passion making intricately detailed miniature ornaments. At the time Printers Trays were very popular for displaying collectible small figurines. Fay’s magical little artworks were quickly appreciated for their unique beauty.

Angie and I grew up surrounded by Fay’s miniatures and creativity. We both felt so passionate about this craft that there was no surprise that we chose it as a career. Fay encouraged us to start our own range of designs, developing our different talents and styles. The three of us each have home studios where we create our individual ranges (each of our ornaments are signed underneath). Together we are able to make a wide variety of designs with many options for people to collect. Fay’s Miniature ornaments captivate the hearts of children and adults alike. We aim to make ornaments to make people smile and hope they bring them happy memories every time they look at them. We are very grateful to all our loyal customers, some of whom have been collecting our handmade miniatures for over 40 years. Fay originally sold at local craft markets and for 30 years had a stall V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. There we have loved meeting so many special customers from all over the world. With the changing times and the outbreak of COVID 19 we have had to adapt to being more accessible to our customers. We are now thrilled to be able to sell our miniatures via this online shopping platform. It is a learning experience for us but we would love you all to join us on this journey. Take your time and enjoy exploring our magical miniature world.