Fairy garden D.I.Y kit.


An easy, fun, creative fairy garden party D.I.Y kit. All the materials are provided to make a beautiful indoor fairy garden.  A LEAD TIME of 7 days is needed to complete a large order for a birthday party. We can personalize the signs for the fairy gardens with the children’s names. The kit includes a garden round base ( using recycled styrofoam), a small fairy, duckling, welcome mat, washing line, a fence, signpost, mushrooms, fairy lamp post, moss, grass patch, pond, bags of small stones, a basic small paper mache fairy house, flowers, and leaves, a base for the fairy house, a blue pond, and white craft glue. This item is not recommended for placing outdoors. The round base is 18 cm wide. The styrofoam base makes it very easy for the children to stick in and position the washing line, mushrooms, fairy sign, and fence. Please contact us with any questions.